Catherine McKenna
Hon. Catherine McKenna
Member of Parliament for Ottawa Centre

Tell me a little bit about your organization/initiative

MASC is a charitable arts organization that has been operating in Ottawa since 1987. We support local, professional artists of all disciplines and coordinate performances, workshops, residencies and festivals in schools, community venues and senior residences. In 29 years, MASC’s work has touched over 2 million people. Everyone who works with us strongly believes in the power of the arts, and the important role it plays in our beautiful city

What do you do to #OwnOurOttawa? 

We #OwnOurOttawa by working with incredible community partners and amazing School Boards to build a foundation that supports and allows the arts to flourish in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. It’s because of these healthy relationships that we are so successful at offering unique artistic experiences for so many. By putting everything we have right back into the community, everyone benefits! Some examples of our work are:

Why do you think it’s important to #OwnOurOttawa?

We think it’s important to #OwnOurOttawa because this is our city too. We want our children, grandparents and neighbours to have access to a vibrant art scene and discover the cultural richness that our local artists have to offer. We continue to expand our programs so that we can reach more people and provide deeper experiences. Ottawa is a great city with talented artists, hungry audiences, and we are proud to be part of its growth.

If someone wants to get involved or get more information, where can they go?

You can visit our website to get information about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and information on all our talented artists. We are on Facebook Twitter and Instagram. Follow us!

Main office - Ottawa
107 Catherine Street
Ottawa, Ontario
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